Ethiopia to renovate Guzara palace

Guzara Palace, one of the oldest and historical sites is going to be renovated at a cost of 35.8 million birr.

Guzara Palace, which is registered as a world heritage site in the central Gondar zone, started today with a budget of 35 million 800 thousand birr from federal government.

Gondor city culture and tourism office expert Mr. Girmachew Mulugeta told that, the renovation work will be completed within a year.

Guzara Palace is one of the oldest heritage site and located in the Tana basin.

Guzara is a Geez word and It means comfortable.  Documentary evidence shows that, those who established the Guzaran Palace, the first in the history of kings in Gondar, and built by Emperor Sertse libnedingle, who ruled Ethiopia from 1556-1589.

Guzara Palace is a fortress built 5 kilometers south of Enfranz district, in Gondar areas, located on the eastern side of lake Tana.

Emperor Shetse Libnedengil reigned for 34 years from 1555 to 1589 in Guzara Palace.  At this time the kingdoms of Gondar and Gorgoran were not established.

The first king of Gondar and known as the founder of Gondar, Emperor sertse libnedingil was a child of Emperor Minas. 


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