More than 3500 teachers and students killed in Tigray

Ethiopian People’s Ombudsman issued a statement about the devastation caused by the two-year war in Tigray region, northern Ethiopia

Adane Balay director of administrative abuse prevention of the Ethiopian People’s Ombudsman, said that it has been confirmed that more than 2 thousand teachers and 1500 students were killed in the war in Tigray region.

In the statement given by the institute, 2.8 million people were displaced in Tigray region alone, and the war has caused destruction in all parts of the region.

As a result of this war, 88 percent of classrooms have been completely or partially damaged, and 60 percent of textbooks were useless.

According to the director, the impact of the war did not destroyed the infrastructures but also setting the education system back and killed thousands of teachers and students.

Following the peace agreement reached in Pretoria, South Africa last October, the the war effects assessment work is being done to rebuild educational institutions.


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