Tigray and Amhara leaders met after two years of bloody war

Tigray region interim president travelled to Amhara regional state capital, Bahirdar city after two years of bloody war.

Mr Getachew Reda, Tigray’s interim administration President travelled to Bahirdar City and met Amhara regional state president Yilikal Kefale.

In a step that is the first of its kind, the President of the Tigray Region Mr. Getachew Reda met his Amhara counterpart Sunday morning.

Tigray and Amhara regions that have been in destructive war come to peace after a peace agreement in November 2022.

The African Union brokered the peace agreement and signed it in Pretoria, South Africa.

After the peace agreement, the restoration damaged by war began.

According to the Ministry of Communication, the next step is repatriating displaced citizens to their permanent homes.

The war in the north cost Ethiopia more than $28 billion dollar damage and lost of close to one million Ethiopians.

The federal government of Ethiopia allocated 20 billion birr to restore the war-affected areas.

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