France provides €928,000 to four of Ethiopia’s local NGOs

France provides €928,000 to four of Ethiopia’s local NGOs

France signed with four Ethiopian local nongovernment organizations to provide 928,000 euros in the form of grants.

The grant project is named JuDGE and the program is a two-year initiative (June 2023 – June 2025), funded at €928,560.

France’s ambassador in Ethiopia Reme Marechaux said that the goal is to bolster legal protection for victims of sexual violence and actively advocate for increased women’s participation in National Dialogue initiatives, in line with the UN’s Resolution 1325.

The Ambassador added that “we are proud to partner with Justice for All, Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association, Eurika, and Nutrition 4 Education & Development in this endeavor”
France is one of the European member countries that provides a budget for Ethiopia’s developmental and humanitarian plans.

Last week France provides a 142 million birr grant to support public and private business engagement.


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