Axum monument opens to tourists after two years of war

According to Axum city administration, Axum monument has been reopened to tourists.

The head of the office, Mr Gebremedhin Fitsum added that, all antiquities in and around Axum city have been opened for tourists.

He also stated that, the participation of the community with its money and profession was great and the heritage opened again for tourists.

In order to restore the tourism sites and increase the services provided by the community to tourists, training has been given to photographers, interpreters, traditional jewelry and sculpture experts, and hoteliers.

The monuments and museums in Axum area have been opened for visitors from today.

He recalled that, more than 30,000 foreign tourists visited Axum and surroundings every year to visit and see all antiquities.

He also mentioned that, the tourism office and the residents have earned more than 180 million birr annually before war broke out.

Azeb Asefa, a young woman who was engaged in tourism earned income from visitors.

She recalled that she used to earn up to 100,000 Birr a year and she is now happy about the tourism activities backs to normal again.


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