Ethiopia detains 59 human smugglers

Ethiopia Punishes 59 human smugglers to Prison.   

Among the 161 illegal human traffickers in the Oromia region, 59 have been sentenced.

According to Head of the Human Trafficking and Cross-Border Crimes Control Group of Oromia Attorney General’s Office, Mr. Mohammad Ziyad, human traffickers were sentenced to prison terms.

The individuals who were committing the crime of human trafficking and cross-border crime were working in coordination with brokers located on the coasts of Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania and Libya.

134 individuals who were victims of human trafficking stated that, they were subjected to various attacks due to their illegal exit from the country.

And also 112 of the 134 individuals who fell victim to these illegal human traffickers were between the ages of 14 and 22.

Rape, labor exploitation and human rights violations were committed against these young people, Mr, Mohammad added.

Out of 161 traffickers, 134 were men and 27 were women and these brokers were charged in 97 cases and 59 were convicted.

According to this, the defendants were sentenced to three to twenty years in prison, Mr. Mohammad Ziyad said.


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