Ethiopia to re install the statue of Russian author Alexander Pushkin in Addis Ababa

In 2002, Moscow, the capital of Russia, gave a statue of the famous Russian writer Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin to Addis Ababa as a gift.

This monument has been installed in Addis Ababa around lafto area and named as “Pushkin square” for many years before took it away by city’s administration.

A statue of Pushkin has been installed in this square, but the square was demolished to avoid traffic congestion.

A statue of Alexander Pushkin has also been placed in the grounds of the Ethiopian Museum.

Public Relations Officer of Addis Ababa Roads Authority Mr. Eyasu Solomon told Al-AIN that the statue of Pushkin will be placed in the square.

“The monument will be installed in the square that has been re-designed in a way that respects the diplomatic relations between Russia and Ethiopia,” said Ato Eyasu.

In addition to this, it has been stated that alternative squares are being prepared for the monuments of Karl Heinz, Bob Marley and other monuments that were demolished due to traffic congestion.

The statues removed from the place will be re-planted in a manner that preserves their dignity in the coming six months.


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