Admas Digital Lottery prize grows to four million

The Ethiopian National Lottery Administration has announced that the recently launched Admas Digital Lottery has increased its prize amount.

Digital Lottery is a lottery system where customers can use their mobile phones to draw lottery tickets of three birr and five birr.

Admas Digital Lottery started in September 2022 by awarding one point five million birr to the first winner. Subsequently, the prize amount was raised to three million birr. Admas

According to the National Lottery Administration, the prize of the first lot is 4 million birr, the second lot is 2 million birr, and the third lot is 1 million birr.

Starting from July 1, 2023, customers can try their luck by sending any letter to 605 or dialling *127# for one lottery ticket and will be charged 10 Birr.

Established 60 years ago, the National Lottery continues to grow its number and prize size lottery opportunities.

The administration currently has 14 types of lottery draws, the main ones being Tombola, Elephant, Enqutatash, Easter, Christmas Gift, Special, Bingo, and Flash.

At present, the institution has lottery winning lots that last from 15 to two months and it is awarding up to 20 million birr to the lucky ones.


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