Five people including a mother and her child killed in Guraghe Zone

Five people including a mother and her child killed in Guraghe, southern Ethiopia

It has been reported that three students and a mother and a child were killed in an attack by unidentified gunmen on Sunday, July 2, 2023, in Meskan District, Gurage Zone, South Region.

On that day, the students were killed at around three o’clock in the evening when they were studying for the eighth-grade ministry exam at their residence.

After the gunmen killed the three students;  Residents said that they killed a mother living in Che Kebele along with her daughter and disappeared from the area when the local community followed them.

In addition to the long-standing dispute between the Meskan and Mareko ethnic groups in this zone, the students were killed by Marko ethnic groups.

Nine kebeles currently under East Meskan District have been pointed out that they are in serious trouble with claims between Meskan and Mereko ethnic groups.

Following this, on the night of Sunday, because of the three students who were killed;  Addis Maleda reported that there is tension between the two ethnic groups.

Since then, loud gunshots were heard in the area and people feared that ethnic conflicts would break out.

High government security forces are visiting the place to find solutions. 

Head of Gurage Zone Police Department, Commander Teje Mohammed, said, “We have heard the matter and are going to the area to control the incidents and declined to comment further.


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