UNDP grants $30 million to modernize Elections in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has signed a $30.2 million financial support agreement to help Ethiopia strengthen its electoral system which will enable it to achieve sustainable democracy.

The agreement was signed by the Ministry of Finance of Ethiopia, the National Election Board and the United Nations Development Organization.

The budget support will be used to strengthen the electoral board’s institutional structure to conduct free, fair, participatory, credible and standardized elections and referendums, and to work together with civic institutions to increase the participation of women and youth in the electoral process.

The Ministry of Finance also announced that the budget support will be used to create a favourable environment for free, fair and credible elections to be held in Ethiopia.

This budget support project will be implemented in the next four years and will contribute to the establishment of sustainable democracy by strengthening the electoral system of the country.

Ethiopia is expected to hold national elections in 2025, and the ruling Prosperity Party is being criticized for not answering many of the public’s questions.

The party is criticized for not respecting the rights of citizens to live, to move from place to place, to generate wealth and to express their thoughts freely.

For these reasons, the next Ethiopian national election is expected to be interesting and new parties are re-organizing to challenge the ruling party.

Birtukan Mideksa, who was the chairman of the National Election Board of Ethiopia for the last four years, submitted her resignation letter last week due to health reasons.

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