Ethiopia starts driving license training to prisoners

For the first time in Ethiopia, inmates were given driver’s license training at the prison

Currently, 22 inmates are undergoing the training.

Federal Prisons Administration Commissioner General Damana Darota said that, for the first time at Ziway prison’s center, driver’s license training has been started for inmates.

The training is the first in the history of the Prisons Management Commission’s Driver Training Center and to help inmates get straight into the world of work when they complete their period and rejoin the community.

When the driver’s training center opened for the first time, it was intended to serve the inmates and police officers, and so far 22 inmates are starting the training.

The commission intended to further expand the work of making prisoners more professional and provide mechanic training and vehicle maintenance in addition to driving license.

The training will open the door for the legal prisoners who benefited from their time period in terms of finding employment opportunities.

Preparations are being made to open a similar driver’s training facility at the Dredawa Prison Center.


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