Amhara region officially requests federal government to intervene

The Amhara National Regional Government requested the federal government to implement the necessary legal framework as it was difficult to control the security breach in the Amhara region through regular law enforcement system.

The state government announced that, the breach of peace in the region is causing huge human, social and economic losses.

Many operations have been carried out by the regional and federal security forces to bring the security problem under control.

However, the Amhara National Regional Government has requested the federal government to immediately implement the necessary legal framework in accordance with the federal constitution to stop the harm that the security breaches and attacks are causing to innocent citizens.

ENA reported that, the amhara regional state president Yilikal Kefale wrote a letter to Prime minister Abiy Ahmed to intervene and secure law enforcement.

The federal government urged to fulfill its responsibilities properly so that the region can return to its former stability, the citizens can return to their peace and the farmers can turn their faces to the fields and the region’s development works.

Heavy fighting is erupted between the National Defense Army and Fano militants in several cities of Amhara region.

Following the fighting  between the two parties, internet service has been interrupted in the Amhara region.

Neither Ethio Telecom nor the relevant government institutions have anything yet as to why the internet was cut off in the region.


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