A state of emergency declares in Ethiopia

The Prime Minister’s Office has announced that the Council of Ministers declared a state of emergency in the Amhara region.

Since the armed activities of the Amhara National Regional Government have become impossible to control through the regular law enforcement system.

The office added in the statement that, the political, social and economic activity of the region is being severely damaged due to the attack by the armed forces.

The state government also stated that the breach of security faced by the Amhara National Regional Government is causing great human, social and economic damage in the region, and difficult to control the situation through the regular law enforcement system, and has requested the federal government to establish the necessary legal framework in accordance with the Constitution and take appropriate action.

Due to these reasons, the council of ministers decided to declare a state of emergency as it is difficult to control this illegal activity based on the regular legal system.

However, it has not been announced how long the state of emergency will last in the Amhara region.

According to the Constitution, the Council of Ministers has the authority to declare a state of emergency, but the declaration must be submitted to the House of Representatives and approved by a majority vote.

Since the federal government disbanded the Amhara special police in April, fighting erupted between the national army and fano militants in the region.

Following the conflict, Ethiopian Airlines cancelled its flights to Lalibela and Gonder cities and also, and the militants are gaining advances in many parts of the region.

Since Tuesday, internet access has been shut down in all parts of the Amhara region and also banks and other services are suspended. 

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