A drone attack kills 70 civilians in Amhara town

At least 70 people have been killed in a drone attack in Finote salam city, West Gojam zone, Amhara region.

The head of the zone, who did not want to be named, told that more than 55 people were injured in the attack and sent to the hospital.

The attack took place at the center of the city when the youths were getting off the truck.

“The victims were children and secondary school students and we have confirmed that at least 70 lives were lost in the drone attack,” he said.

In addition, the buildings of Addis International Bank, Anbesa Bank, Ethiopian Commercial Bank and Awash Bank has damaged.

Finote Selam General Hospital Manager Manaye Tenaw said that, 26 bodies and more than 55 wounded were admitted to the hospital in the drone attack on last Sunday.

“The dead and wounded are not armed soldiers” and “most of them were youths and children” He added.

He pointed out that, 26 corpses were brought to the hospital in the attack, but there were those who died from the place of the attack and were taken to their families.

He added that, more than 160 wounded people were admitted to Finote salam General Hospital in the previous shootings in Denebcha and Bure areas.

“people who could be saved are dying due to the lack of transport services ,oxygen and blood”, he added.

He also added that, if blood and oxygen are not provided to health facilities, the death toll will increase.

Residents said that, heavy fighting is taking place between defense forces and Fano militants in the area.

The House of People’s Representatives declared a state of emergency for six months in the Amhara region.

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