Gedu Andargachew urged PM Abiy to abandon military options in Amhara

Prime Minister’s former security advisor pointed out that the situation in the Amhara region will not be solved by force.

The House of People’s Representatives approved the state of emergency decree ruled by the Council of Ministers two weeks ago.

Mr. Gedu Andargachew, one of the members of the council, former security advisor to the prime minister, minister of foreign affairs and president of the Amhara region, addressed the members of the council.

Mr. Gedu, unlike other members of the council, was interrupted when he spoke about the situation in the Amhara region.

He said in his speech that, “prosperous party led government itself is creating political problems.”

“The party is trying to solve the political problem, instead of a political solution, it has become a military solution” he added.

In his speech, Mr. Gedu pointed out that, the problem in the Amhara region can be solved through dialogue rather than force.

However, Gedu’s speech was interrupted by other members of the council.

Following the federal government disbanded the regional special forces in last April, fighting broke out in Amhara region between FANO militant and National defense forces.

Following this, the regional government stated that, the security situation was beyond its control and asked the federal government to intervene.

The ministry of council declared a six-month state of emergency was declared in the Amhara region.

Due to heavy fighting, flights to Bahirdar, Gondar, Lalibela and Kombolcha were canceled last week.

Curently, there are heavy fighting between the national defense and Fano militants in different places of the region.

The federal government said that it’s advancing against fana militants and the security situations are progressing and the flights have resumed.


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