IOM puts Ethiopia as a home for the highest IDPs

More than 4 million citizens have been displaced in Ethiopia

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), more than 4.3 million Ethiopians were displaced and sheltered in 3,300 centres.

Since last November to June 2023, more than 4.38 million citizens have been displaced from 11 regions in Ethiopia, IOM reported.

The organization added that 66 percent of these displaced people were displaced from their villages due to conflict and the rest were displaced due to drought and social problems.

Somali region is home to a large number of IDPs who have been displaced due to drought and also Tigray, Amara and Afar regions are the areas where citizens are displaced by the conflict.

Similarly, in a survey conducted to return displaced persons in 10 regions, 3.24 million displaced persons could return to their places.

The institution added that the regions where the highest number of displaced people have returned are Amara, Tigray and Afar.

44 per cent of the displaced people in Amhara, 39 per cent in Tigray and 6 per cent in Afar have returned to their places.

In addition, the International Organization for Migration stated that there are areas of displaced persons that it has not surveyed due to security problems and lack of roads.

The United Nations announced in a previous statement that more than 26 million people need assistance due to man-made and natural disasters such as conflicts, droughts and floods in Ethiopia.

In addition to internally displaced persons, Ethiopia shelters close to one million citizens of Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea in its country.


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