GERD’s tripartite negotiations resumes in Cairo

The tripartite negotiations on the Ethiopian Great Renaissance Dam (GERD), which Ethiopia is building on the trans-boundary Nile River, have been terminated due to various reasons.

This tripartite negotiation, which has been taking place under the auspices of the African Union, has been taking place between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan.

The political unrest in Sudan and Ethiopia were the main reasons for the failure of the tripartite negotiations and the changing position of Egypt.

A month ago, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who went to Cairo, Egypt to participate in the forum of neighboring countries to find a solution to the war in Sudan, discussed with President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi on his way.

Among the issues discussed by the two leaders, the issue of the GERD was the most important, and they agreed to resume the tripartite negotiation within three months.

According to this agreement, the GERD technical experts of the three countries met in Cairo, Egypt.

A group of technical experts will discuss the future negotiations, the discussion agenda, and the differences between the three countries in their discussion today.

The construction of GERD, which started 12 years ago, have reached 84 percent, and the dam’s two turbines are generating power.

The fourth round of water filling of the dam which is being built by the Italian Salini construction company, will start in a few days.


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