Ethiopia plans to start visa on arrival in a week

Ethiopia started providing visa on arrival services to foreign visitors two years ago.

But it has been suspended due to the Covid-19 and the war that broke out in northern Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s immigration and nationality agency announced that visa on arrival service will resume next week.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia has issued 190,000 passports from abroad and imported it to answer the demand of passport.

A month ago, prime minister Abiy Ahmed sacked all agency’s leadership in connection with corruption scandal and appointed Selamawit Moges as manager.

Selamawit Dawit said in a press conference, 300,000 citizens are registered and waiting to get a passport.

The director stated that, the institution is taking various measures to facilitate the service.

Beside these, the agency employees who’re involved in illegal activities and other bodies are being investigated.

Mrs. Selamawit added that, citizens who have registered for a passport for more than six months will be given passports first.


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