US extends economic sanctions on Ethiopia

The United States has been putting pressure on the end of the war in northern Ethiopia two years ago on the grounds that it would harm the national foreign policy of the US.

US, which says that this war will affect East Africa in addition to Ethiopia, has put various pressures to stop the war and has been taking various measures on the grounds that human rights have been violated.

Among the measures taken by Washington is the national emergency sanctions against Ethiopia, which will last for two years in September 2021.

Although this embargo will end in a week, President Joe Biden has signed an extension of the embargo for another year.

The US has extended the sanctions for one year because the situation in Ethiopia is still a threat to East Africa and US foreign policy in addition to Ethiopia.

US, the world’s largest economy, has a policy called National Emergency Act to protect its interests when an event affecting its national interests occurs in any country, and it allows the president of the country to make decisions directly.

Ethiopia has not yet responded to the US’s new action, and it has been stated in previous statements that it is making various efforts to lift the AGOA ban.

Ethiopia was earning more than $100 million every year by exporting its products to US cities duty-free.

The US economic sanctions have affected companies that have planted into Ethiopian industrial parks and are manufacturing and selling their products to world markets.

Following the US economic sanctions, many companies are leaving Ethiopia and migrating

Companies that have been in Ethiopia are still waiting for the ban to be lifted, and it is feared that the extended sanctions may cause more companies to migrate.


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