Ethiopia prohibits sperm donations


Ethiopia has recently taken a stance against sperm donations, sparking controversy following a report from the Tigray region suggesting otherwise.

The report highlighted the possibility for men to donate sperm and women to donate eggs, with a medical institution in Mekele, Tigray, and offering compensation of 10,000 birr for sperm donors and 30,000 birr for egg donors, as reported by BBC Amharic.

The institution in Mekele commenced treatments aimed at assisting individuals facing infertility issues, outlining specific criteria for participation.

However, this news quickly spread across social media platforms, prompting the Ministry of Health in Ethiopia to address the matter.

The Ministry clarified that Ethiopia lacks legislation permitting the conception of children through donated sperm or eggs.

Mr. Endalkachew Tsedal, the executive director overseeing health-related institutions at the Ministry, emphasized that existing treatments aim to assist couples in conceiving using their own reproductive cells.

He further stressed, “There is no established system in the country that facilitates the birth of children through donated sperm or eggs.”

This statement raises questions regarding the legality of the institution in Mekele, which appears to operate outside the established framework.

Responding to inquiries about the institution’s legality, it was noted that states possess the authority to issue licenses for health-related medical practices. However, these licenses must align with the country’s health policies and practices to ensure consistency and adherence to established guidelines.

The situation underscores the importance of regulatory oversight in the healthcare sector to maintain ethical standards and protect the well-being of individuals seeking medical assistance.

Clarity regarding permissible medical procedures is essential to prevent misunderstandings and ensure compliance with legal frameworks.


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